If you have a website that you want to host or you want to switch from your current web host to a different web host, there are some factors that you should look out for. Some of the major factors to look out for are discussed subsequently.


One of the first things you will want to look out for is the security of the platform. You wouldn’t want a situation where your website will be defaced, or the information changed. This will be worst if you have a membership platform and you receive payment details from your customers. You could lose the details of your customers to individuals who could use such information to defraud them. Hence, you should be sure that the security of whatever web hosting platform you want to use is strong enough from their end. Of course, there are measures you also have to take as the website owner to make sure that your website is secure and that there are no vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to change the information on your website or steal the data of your customers.


Another factor you should consider when you are looking for a web hosting platform is the affordability. You should be sure that their charges are affordable. You can read hosting companies’ reviews on uk.collected.reviews to know which web hosting platforms customers adjudge to be affordable and those they adjudge to be expensive. You should also look at what their first-time payment is and what the renewal fees are. There are some companies whose first payment is as low as less than 10 per cent what is needed to renew. You will not want a situation where you think the renewal rate is the same as the first time payment, only to find that what you are asked to pay for renewal to be expensive. You should also know that as applies to most other things we pay for, the company could review the price upwards at any point in time.


Available features and their quantity

You should also look at the features that the web hosting platform is giving you and the quantity. In terms of features and quantity, you will be considering the disk size and the bandwidth size that is being allocated to you. The disk size will determine the quantity total size of all files that you can upload to the platform while the bandwidth covers the size of information customers can download and upload to your platform. There are several other features you might want to look out for like how many websites you can host, free or paid SSL certificate, how easy it is to use their control panel, available software you can use to build your websites like WordPress and other website builders.

Quality of the web hosting platform

The quality of the web hosting platform is very important as it will determine how quickly your website loads and how much time it stays online and goes offline. A good web hosting platform should be able to provide you with a minimum of 99.9 per cent uptime. Customers visiting your page only for the page not to display can be a huge turn-off. If this happens frequently, customers could be scared of your website and they might feel that if they transact with you, you might suddenly go offline forever. Hence, you should be sure that the web hosting platform provides a very reliable uptime for other websites that have been hosted on their platform before you patronize them.