Earning money without investing even a single penny sounds so good. But is there any way other than pseudo magic to earn on zero investment?

The direct answer to this is, yes, there is and are certainly a way and ways to earn passive income through the big puddle called the internet.

As the pandemic made drastic changes in the business scenarios, taking the business online became a necessity for every individual. The growth of digital marketing, website hosting, and development made it easier for businesses to grow online.

One of the digital marketing terms called affiliate marketing is booming around the globe as a passive income source.

Affiliate marketing enables an individual to market and promotes goods and services of other brands without even being part of the company or brand.

Let us see affiliate marketing in details:

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy and tact by which an affiliate gets a fee for the commercialization of goods by another individual or business. The affiliate actually looks for a product of its liking, promotes it, and gains a portion of the profit from every sale it makes. Vending is tracked from one website to another through affiliate links.

In simple terms, Affiliate Marketing means a product or service being referred to by posting it on a website, forum or social media through the unique affiliate link – the time that anyone shops through the unique connection associated with their recommendation, the affiliate receives a fee. Well, this performance-based incentive will play a major role in your company by netting a healthy income.

How to start affiliate marketing:

You would need to take these five basic steps to join in an affiliate marketing program:

  1. Find an affiliate network and enter it
  2. Choose the promotions
  3. Get a unique link to each affiliate
  4. Share the links on your blog, social media or website
  5. Collect a fee when someone makes a transaction using your links

Working of affiliate marketing:

The affiliate partners advertise the goods or services of the brand on their websites.

  1. Consumer click on the affiliate site brand promotion and the browser will store a cookie (see the following section below for more details about cookies); this allows the affiliate network to monitor the progress of consumers from the affiliate website to the brand’s shopping cart.
  2. The consumer is forwarded to the website of the brand.
  3. Consumers buy from the brand a product/service.
  4. The network automatically pays a fee to the affiliate to drive the sale (based on the rules laid down by the brand).

Some advantages of affiliate marketing

The advertising firm and the affiliate marketer benefit greatly from affiliate marketing. The corporation benefits from low-cost ads and the affiliate’s innovative marketing campaigns and profits from extra revenue and bonuses.

The return on hosting Affiliate Program expenditure is strong as the business pays for just converted traffic to sales. The affiliate shall bear the expense of ads if any.

An affiliate marketing campaign is carried up by the advertising firm. Companies charge the costs of banner advertising in large part (traffic) at an early stage.

Being an affiliate of the top-paying company

Talking about the highest paying industry, MilesWeb is the most reliable and the best Indian web hosting company paying the highest affiliate funds.

About MilesWeb

Milesweb is  a leading web hosting provider company established in 2012 in India with above 30,000+ customers around worldwide. MilesWeb offers all types of hosting services like Shared, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated, Unmanaged and Managed  WordPress hosting solutions, with world-class technology and 24/7/365 support along with the features like Free SSL Certificate, 1-Click Installer, Free Site Builder, Malware Scan and Removal, Secure Email Accounts, etc.

MilesWeb’s affiliate program

Three easy steps to become MilesWeb’s affiliate and start earning.

  1. Sign-Up

Sign up for your MilesWeb affiliates account within a minute and receive an entry.

  1. Promote MilesWeb

Use the blogs, websites and social media networks to share the affiliate links or banners of MilesWeb.

  1. Earn Commission

MilesWeb gives a fixed commission as per the sale made.

Why begin to become a MilesWeb affiliate?

MilesWeb currently has over 3,253 registered memberships. The transfer fee for shared hosting is Rs. 500, Rs. 1000 and Rs. 2500 for VPS.

The company provides affiliate links on over 70 plans, which enable you to earn money from affiliate marketing in abundance.

Benefits of being MilesWeb’s affiliate

No registration fee is applicable: The membership scheme is free and anyone from any domain can be involved. It is completely free to join the affiliate network.

Registration Incentive: You will earn a bonus of Rs. 1,000 when you sign up for the partnership scheme.

Highest commission rate: The highest commission from Rs. 200 to Rs. 20,000 is given by MilesWeb. This is a recurrent function.

A short time of withholding: The commission is processed one month after the transaction.

Easy payout: If the balance of your account is Rs. 2,000, the company transfers money via NEFT or PayPal to your bank account.

MilesWeb affiliate links can be promoted in several ways mentioned hereafter.

  • Blog banners.
  • Connections to social media sites are available.
  • To promote links, use blogs.
  • Using the marketing of e-mail.
  • Advertising videos.


In order to market these products, you do not need any prior experience and can do so on a range of platforms. MilesWeb offers a wide variety of products for you to select. In addition to these other benefits, you can receive professional advice from affiliates. It’s an excellent choice to choose MilesWeb as your partner.